Here are some additional bits and pieces to do with things ducky.

Also some FAQs:

Do runner ducks need lots of water?

Contrary to popular belief you do not need a huge lake to keep ducks. As long as they have enough water to bathe their eyes and plumage most ducks will be quite happy - a washing-up bowl may be sufficient for a pair. However access to a pond is beneficial to young ducks - see pond article.

Are duck eggs poisonous?

Duck eggs have gained rather a bad reputation over the years. There are a couple of reasons why duck eggs might be more prone to harbour bacterial: the eggshells are more porous than those of hens' and mismanagement of their environment can lead to unhygenic laying conditions. If you provide your ducks with a nice clean house, with separate laying compartment and keep them inside until 9.00 am they will lay perfectly clean eggs in abundance.

One of our blacks laid a (very distinctive) egg every day in her first year starting in September and layed through her moult - must have been very near 300. Don't let people tell you Runners aren't good utility birds!

Are they noisy?

Runners are a lot quieter than Call Ducks - my blacks are virtually silent - but some females can make quite a lot of noise.

Can you keep them with chickens?

Yes, though it's easier if they have separate houses. If you have a mixed pen they tend to ignore each other (some silkies even prefer sharing a house with the ducks). Some drakes can however get a bit carried away and try to mate with hens. My drake only tried this once, with a big Maran, and the experience put him off for life!


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