Chocolate Silver Duck.

Silvers are still rather unstable colour group at present. UK Shows and auctions this year have included a wide range of birds, some with complete hoods, many missing hoods completely and a mixture of birds with and without chocolate dilution all being offered as 'Streichers'. This bird has the chocolate dilution (d-) but lacks the tortoiseshell markings of the Welsh Harlequin chromotype. She does have dark bill and feet suggesting that dusky mallard (md md) genes are present.

2003 Silver duckling showing 'tortoiseshell' markings.

One of our 2003 silver ducklings. Though lacking chocolate dilution, did develop quite strong tortoiseshell/Welsh Harlequin markings (including the peachy breast colour). This colour is close to the historic 'Whalesbury' (Welsh Harlequin X Aylesbury), although her wingbars are actually the violet/green correct for the Streicher/Abacot chromotype.
Next year we will try some experiments to see if the chocolate and the tortoiseshell markings can be combined. I don't know what we'll call them if we succeed - Welsh Harlequin Runner is a bit long!




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