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This cat was living rough among the fishing boats on Koh Samui. Unfortunately it had lost an eye, but the remaining one was an unusually deep azure blue. Most of the siamese/albinistic cats that I saw had very pale blue eye coloration.
A tabby-point tom with gathering of other cats at feeding time in a Bangkok Wat.
This kitten was living rough in some bushes in Lumphini Park in Bangkok with it's tabby sibling and ginger and white mother. It was very wary of human contact, but was finally lured into view with an artfully handled twig!
A well fed shop-dwelling cat from the Patpong area of Bangkok. Tabby and tortie points were extremely common.
Another tabby point kitten, with a white marked sealpoint in the background. These were two of a large group of very beautiful cats that belonged to a trader in the flower market in Bangkok ( the dark location explains the poor quality of this shot!).