Basilisk is an Oxford based company founded by Elizabeth Moriarty and James Newman specializing in motion graphic design, illustration, 2D and 3D animation, visual effects and compositing. We work in a range of styles and genres, for broadcast, corporate and web. mob: 07768 717397

  Promotional Film for Listerine
Basilisk role: design, photography, modelling and animation
Client: Inventiv/Listerine

  Titles Animation for DesiHits
Basilisk role: design, model and animation
Client: DesiHits

  Golf Sponsorship Promo for UPS
Basilisk role: design, model and animation
Client: MightyFine/UPS

  Projections for DAKS collection - London Fashion Week
Basilisk role: art direction, illustration, edit, animation
Client: Made in the Shade/Imagination/DAKS

  Animation for P&G
Basilisk role: illustration, design and animation
Client: Whitecoat/P&G

  Title Animation for Times Online
Basilisk role: photography, design and animation
Client: Delicious Digital/Times Online

  Informational Films for TalkTalk
Basilisk role: design and animation
Client: Iceni/TalkTalk

  Brand Animation for BT
Basilisk role: design, model and animation
Client: Illusion Factor/BT

  Logo Animation for Virgin Galactic
Basilisk role: animation, from logo design by Philippe Starck
Client: Made in the Shade/Virgin Galactic